About Us

Who are we?

Drita Textile 1970 to Today

Drita Tekstil was established in 1987 as a joint stock company under the founding partnership of Osman ELİBOL, who stepped into the textile sector in 1970 and achieved success with disciplined work and entrepreneurship, and continues its activities uninterruptedly until today.

We have adopted the principle of providing the best quality and service to our domestic and foreign customers with our wide production network, including flat dyeing, rotary printing, reactive digital – & transfer printing, foil and burning printing types in our factory equipped with high technology in our factory with a production area of approximately 11000 m2.


In our pattern design & variant & fabric R&D units, our biggest goal and feature is to closely follow the world fashion industry, blend it in the best way and produce products unique to Drita Textile.

We have a wide collection network consisting of more than 20.000 patterns. Each season, a minimum of 300 patterns are added to this.


Our quality range consists of unlimited, COTTON & PES & VISCOSE & POLYAMID ELASTANIZED / ELASTANIZED woven & knitted (Round * open width * jacquard) women’s fancy fabrics created with a wide variety of weaving and knitting techniques, constantly renewing itself with our R&D studies.